Looking for a Yoga Class a little different?…..More gentle and relaxing yet with correct breathing and focus on practicing without stress or strain to neck, shoulders, lower back or hamstrings. A safe practice learning to breathe into a relaxed belly and safely lengthening the spine. You will notice the difference….

Felicity is very passionate about Yoga and hopes to encourage her students to love it, too.
Her classes suit all ages and levels, from Beginners to Advanced in her relaxed, gentle and calm teaching methods. These classes are not high energy, fast Vinyasa styled but a slower, more thorough and relaxed methodΒ of teaching where one feels like they have worked yet leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated; destressed and calm.

She teaches a Yoga Synergy Style, based on Simon Borg Olivier’s Yoga Principles….a very safe and protective practice of Yoga where one does not “over-stretch” muscles or place unnecessary strain on the joints.
All of Felicity’s Teachers are qualified Yoga teachers who share Flick’s love for Yoga and Meditation. They are fun, warm and caring girls who help us to have a ‘lighter’ approach to Yoga and to life!!
Each class includes a short Meditation/Relaxation with mindful breathing.
Mats are provided and no bookings are required.
Please see timetable on website for class times.
Hope to see you very soon! πŸ™‚


Please Contact me for enquiries,

No bookings needed.

β‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆ

FC_PoseFelicity Craig, Principal Yoga School of Health.

Over the last ten years I have been increasing my fascination and desire for meditation, spiritual learning and continual self-development to attain happiness and calmness within myself;Β Β Β  knowing the more I feel at peace, how it reflects in one’s life and in others.

I have learnt meditation for years and have noticed how amazingly effective this has been in so many ways.Β  I have been practicing Yoga and teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Β They certainly are fine examples of what Yoga can do for Mind, Body and Spirit with dedicated practice.

I teach Hatha Yoga, a more gentle style of Yoga and I also include a short Meditation or Yoga Nidra. We focus on correct breathing as this is imperative for relaxing and calming the Body and Mind. My students comment they feel very relaxed and calm after their classes. A mind that is at peace or calm will cause the brain to produce “good” hormones, which in turn give the person a stable emotional state and promote good health in every area of life, including relationships.Β  Depending on ages and ability all my classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.Β  No one feels any pressure to perform poses when they are not ready to do so.

It is a friendly and relaxed environment, warm and inviting and classes are of a personal size.

I also take private Yoga classes by request or group bookings.Β Β  I can teach Yoga for schools that realise what a valuable practice it is for helping with stress for today’s teenagers.

I can also teach sporting groups, eg rowing, cycling etc. and corporate bookings.

β‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆβ‰ˆΒ β‰ˆ