“Thank you Flick for your wonderful sessions. I didn’t know how a simple yoga session even weekly would make such a profound difference to my body.  After a few short weeks i found that it not only helped my body to become more flexible, (perhaps its an age thing), as i was seizing up bit by bit and i thought that was ‘normal’ until my body came back to what NORMAL really is.
I feel blessed to have you in my life as i really never knew the real benefits to this simple relaxed movement. i also notice my stress levels have decreased dramatically. i suppose it has given me the time to do something for me. Being a mother of two has taken a lot of time from me and these sessions force me to take time out for me and RELAX!!!! A great BIG THANK YOU!!!”
*Jenny Minas




This is Sam who is nearly 91 years of age and has been practicing Yoga for many years.

Even after 5 hip operations!

He truly is an amazing example of how Yoga can keep you feeling young, healthy and strong.




“Although I am relatively new to the Yoga School of Health, I am a long-standing yoga devotee .  I didn’t need to be convinced of the wonderful benefits of yoga, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, having experienced it personally through many years of practice.  When I attended my first class at YSOH I felt at home immediately.  I was warmly welcomed into a studio that was equally warm and inviting.  I have since very much enjoyed a variety of classes with the delightful Felicity, Joanna and Marcella.  They are all inspirational teachers, each bringing their own area of expertise to the mat. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace or feel free to try more challenging poses if appropriate, with emphasis on listening to one’s body paramount.  I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with the Yoga School of Health.”



Each week I look forward to Felicity Craig’s yoga classes. I know there will be core strengthening, stretching, breathing and a soothing relaxation to end the class – all of which I enjoy.
Felicity’s passion for yoga and her deep knowledge of yoga poses, philosophy and anatomy are evident. Her teaching style is very encouraging and clearly based on her own experiences of the benefits of yoga. There are always options offered to extend and challenge myself in poses and also alternatives to take it easier if that is what my body needs today.
The yoga studio is comfortable and the whole atmosphere is really welcoming.  As a new student in the class I was greeted warmly by the regulars and I felt at home.
When I leave I feel calm and invigorated – ready for the rest of my week.



” I speak as a current student of Felicity Craig’s Yoga School.  Her refreshing approach to the teaching of Yoga practice is inspiring and greeted with enthusiasm by her students.
The atmosphere in Felicity’s classes is quiet, calm and reflective, a time of respite from the busy world outside and coupled with her constant encouragement and excellent teaching make it really easy to return each week!”



“I have been doing yoga for over 25 years and am enjoying it much more over the last year I have been doing the practice with the Yoga School of Health and Felicity Craig. I love the ambiance of the room when I arrive as it appears very peaceful and calming, which I need at the end of my day. I am enjoying the strengthening and balancing and relaxing nature of the classes and love the philosophy of the principles of yoga, which Felicity instructs us in. All in all I have become a much more centered and hopefully mindful person since doing yoga and feel more people should enjoy the experience also.”

*Guelda Cope


“I have been a client of the Yoga School of Health for over 30 years and find myself looking forward to my session each week with Felicity. The benefits to my health and well being through Yoga have enabled me to deal with whatever life throws at me! I can highly recommend making Yoga apart of your life.”

*Julie Hunter


“I have been attending weekly Yoga Classes for nine years. I look forward to the class very much as I consider it to be my “Me ” time. I completely relax and forget about everything when I enter the class. I thoroughly enjoy doing all the stretches, poses and especially the breathing techniques. I feel the benefits of all that we do in the lesson and want to remain flexible and healthy in both body and mind. I truly believe it helps release all the toxins from my body. After the lesson I go home feeling calm and relaxed and always enjoy a good night’s sleep. We can all work at our own pace and are all supportive of each other. Felicity our Yoga teacher is so encouraging and welcoming . I thoroughly recommend Yoga and Felicity’s class, and hope to continue this practice well into my old age.”

*Susan Dart